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Cells in culture with neurons stained green, supporting glial cells stained red and cell nuclei stained blue.
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Earth 2012

Sun Jul 8 - Fri Jul 13, 2012
UNC Wilmington
Contact person:
George Matsumoto E-Mail
Web Site:
Additional Information:
We are currently soliciting applications for the 2012 EARTH workshop to be held at UNCW. The focus of the 2012 workshop will be on ocean observatories and South East Coastal Research. If you have an interest and would like to be contacted about the 2012 workshop, please send an email to George Matsumoto. A requirement of the application process is to trial an EARTH activity, complete the rubric, and mail the rubric to George. Ten of the twenty participants will be from SECOORA states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia); if you are from one of these states, please send your application to Lisa Adams - you can contact Lisa if you have any questions. Applications are due by March 21, 2012 and selections will be made by early April.
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