2019 Share-a-Thon Info

NCSTA is looking for science educators who are willing to share their favorite science activity at one of the five Share-a-thons at the conference this November.  Those who volunteer to share must register for the conference and bring a copy of their activity to share as teachers rotate around a large room.  We expect activities to be very engaging and closely aligned to North Carolina’s Science Standards.  If you are interested, please submit your Share-a-Thon information here. Contact people are listed below.
Please consider coming to this year’s PDI and share your best innovative and creative hands-on lesson or activity that fits one of the categories listed below. We are always in need of table presenters for the biology and physics/chemistry area especially at the high school level.


How the Share-a-Thon time will be set up:
Thursday, Nov 14 - Middle School presents in the morning; Earth & Ele-mentary Science in the afternoon. Friday, Nov 15 - Biology and Physical Science/Chemistry in the morning.
  • Each table presenter will have one half of a 6’ table of space to showcase their lesson activity. (Depending on number of presenters attending and the space available you may get a whole table to use).
  • Each presenter that is approved will have his/her name printed inside the conference program.
  • Each Share Session will not conflict with other regular sessions that are covering the same topic matter.
  • You will be notified via email about the status of your submission.
If you would like to participate, submit your Share-a-Thon information here. 
Details: We need approximately 20 different table presenters for each of the following subject matter areas. Each one will be held at different times during the PDI and last approximately 1 hour each.
  • Biology/Life Science
  • Elementary Science
  • Earth Science
  • Middle School Science
 Elementary Science (K-5)  
 Angela Adams
 Middle School Science (6-8)
 Michele Chadwick
 Life Science/Biology     
 MaryKate Holden
 Lori Khan
 Earth/Environmental Science
 Mark Case