2021 Strands

Launch your science program into a higher orbit


Strand #1: Launching Science through Digital Literacy
The Digital Literacy strand will focus on the four following areas: Leadership in Digital Learning, Digital Citizenship, Digital Content and Instruction, and Data and Assessment. The professional development goals are:
  • Teachers will demonstrate leadership in accelerating their integration of digital teaching and learning pedagogies.
  • Teachers will model and teach digital citizenship by the ethical, respectful, and safe use of digital tools and resources that support the creation of a positive digital school culture.
  • Teachers will know and use appropriate digital tools and resources for instruction.
Strand #2: Launching Science through Blended and Virtual Science Classes
Teaching science via blended and virtual classes that are engaging, inquiry-based, and student-center are challenging.  Effective laboratories that facilitate student learning is imperative and doing so on multiple platforms can be perplexing.  Today’s current climate also necessitates the incorporation of social justice elements in our classes.  Authentic virtual assessment is similarly required for launching science learning to that next level. 
Strand #3: Launching Science through Environmental STEM Lessons
As students design experiments to better understand their environment, they can integrate the areas of STEM with the life, earth, physical, and space sciences to become scientifically literate citizens who understand the natural world and create ways to improve our environment.  Science lessons become engaging when students conduct inquiry, use higher-order skills, and participate in real-world strategies as they learn how to protect their environment.