Virtual PDI Grant-a-Wish MiniGrant

May Your Wish Be Granted

2021-2022 NC Science Teachers Association -  Virtual PDI

Submit your wish list for the chance to receive up to $200 worth of classroom materials.  Teacher must attend the NCSTA PDI.  In order to be selected, attendee must be pre-registered and paid.  Wishes will be granted during our 2021-2022 Virtual PDI.

All wishes meeting the grant proposal requirements will be considered.  Selection will be based on:

  • Feasibility – how likely will grant materials be used
  • Sustainability – will materials be used more than once
  • Value – how does grant request align to current science standards
  • Number of students affected

Don’t forget to account for sales tax and shipping in your grant proposal.

In order to be selected to receive a grant, you must apply by December 10, 2021 and your virtual PDI registration MUST BE PAID by January 3, 2022.  No exceptions. A registration is not considered paid until we receive a check or credit card payment:  if your school is using a PO, the PO must be paid by the January 3, 2022 payment deadline.

Keep in mind that your request will be selected using the criteria above and that you will be competing with ALL 2021-2022 Virtual PDI attendees.  No late requests will be considered.


Deadline for submission is Dec. 10, 2021.

Deadline for PDI payment is Jan 3, 2022.