2020 Modeling Workshops

The Modeling Method has been intentionally developed to correct many weaknesses of the lecture-demonstration method of instruction typically seen in STEM classrooms. These weaknesses include the fragmentation of knowledge, student passivity, and the persistence of naive beliefs about the physical world. Scientists and mathematicians learn by doing: they construct and deploy models of the real world and test their ability to predict new phenomena. Our classrooms focus upon turning students into scientists to replicate this process. We focus upon adhering to systematic and organized objectives in all STEM content areas. This makes concepts more meaningful to students, and also reflects the true nature of scientific and mathematical practice.

For the complete list of national Modeling Workshops (which is constantly updated) please go to: https://www.modelinginstruction.org/professional-development/upcoming-workshops/summer-2020/

Save the date for the 2020 Annual AMTA Conference June 19-21 at Arizona State University in Tempe; details and registration: https://www.eweblife.com/prm/AMTA/calendar/event?event=2160

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Wendy Hehemann
American Modeling Teachers Association
Workshop and Outreach Coordinator