Get free access to online interactive math and science curriculum for your schools during COVID-19 closures

Dear educational leaders and curriculum directors,


Education departments across the US are continuing to support their students’ learning during current COVID-19 closures. Adaptive Curriculum, an Arizona-based math and science education technology company announces that in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it is offering all US schools free access to its interactive Math&Science library during school closures.


As teachers and families are facing challenges with finding quality options available to provide online instruction to their students during the school closures, Adaptive Curriculum wanted to reach out to education community around the US and offer all teachers and students free access through August 1, 2020.  Adaptive Curriculum’s highly interactive, dynamic, and fun content will keep students focused, engaged, and on track during these challenging times. Used by thousands of schools in the US, Adaptive Curriculum enables teachers to build, send, and track assignments for students to be completed remotely, as well as allowing students to study the extensive content library on their own.


Many schools started preparing and sending weekly assignments to their students to continue their education at home; and Adaptive Curriculum’s interactive content can easily be part of these assignments to help students with a deeper understanding of math and science.


Designed for grades 6-12, Adaptive Curriculum’s Activity Objects engage digital learners by integrating real-world scenarios, cutting-edge graphics, animations and 3D models as well as interactive simulations into active, standards-based learning. Unlike textbooks or drill and practices programs, Adaptive Curriculum’s active learning approach motivates learners to explore, make hypotheses, manipulate items and see the impact of their decisions, thus developing and deepening their conceptual understanding.


Adaptive Curriculum urges US education departments to take advantage of this complimentary access and allow your state’s students the ability and opportunity to continue learning during this time. For more information regarding this free access, please contact Lori Hershman, Director of Operations,; or myself Alpay Bicer, Product Development Manager,


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Alpay Bicer
Product Development Manager
Adaptive Curriculum 
10105 E Via Linda, Ste 103-276
Scottsdale, AZ 85258