Himalayan Earthquakes, Giant Shark Teeth

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Himalayan Earthquakes:

Below is some earthquake information about the magnitude 7.5 in Afghanistan (Oct. 26, 2015) earlier this week and compare that to the magnitude 7.8 in Nepal (April 25, 2015). Destruction and loss of life are very different.  Why?  Although the earthquakes have different magnitudes, the main difference in surface deformation is one of depth.  Basically one hypocenter occurred relatively shallow (8 km) and the other intermediate in depth (212 km).  The hypocenter is the point within the earth where an earthquake rupture starts. The epicenter is the point directly above it at the surface of the Earth. Also compare the Modified Mercalli Intensity scales for each event (this indicates what people reported feeling and how much destruction was caused).


  1.  Events - Afghanistan Oct 26, 2015 and Nepal April 25, 2015
  2.  On each event’s ‘Teachable Moments’ page click on General Public to get to the “Interactive Earthquake Browser “ (hint: 3-D model works better when you choose “Shading Off”)


  • USGS – Summaries and tectonics for each earthquake:

Afghanistan  http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us10003re5#general_summary

Nepal  http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us20002926#general_summary



“Giant” Shark Teeth: (thanks for passing this on NC Fossil Club)

The Aurora Fossil Museum and Director Cynthia Crane have gone viral since huge shark teeth from Megalodon were reported washing up on Topsail Island.

The original WITN-7 airing link is below and if you conduct a Google search (Cynthia Crane Megalodon) you will see the spread of the news. This is a wonderful thing to happen to the Aurora Fossil Museum, the Town of Aurora, and eastern North Carolina!”



More Fossils:

The NC Museum of Natural Sciences PaleoPalooza event will occur on Saturday, November 14 from 9-5.




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