Modeling Instruction in Astronomy Pilot Workshop - University of Louisville, KY at Rauch Planetarium

Stephen Colbert (NC) and Doreen Grener (OH) will lead the first-ever Modeling Instruction in Astronomy Modeling Workshop at the University of Louisville (UofL), KY from July 8-26.  This workshop is the product of a collaboration between American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) and Global Hands On Universe and it has received grant funding from a NASA Kentucky Space Grant, award number: NNX15AR69H.

The grant funding allows AMTA to offer the Astronomy Workshop at UofL, offering a $500 stipend (paid post-workshop) to defray workshop costs for the first 16 registered participants outside a commuting distance from Louisville. Workshop participants will also have access to the Rauch Planetarium for up to 2 hours per week during the workshop.

The Astronomy Modeling curriculum resources that have been developed for this workshop address high school (and also some middle school) NGSS standards.  The units are designed around 4 guiding questions: 

  • How do we measure space?
  • How do objects interact in space?
  • How do we know about space and things in space?
  • How do objects form and evolve in space?

Participants will learn to study space the way astronomers do - they will abstract data from images for the laboratory activities using powerful (and free!) image analysis software.

 Costs: $800 ($75 deposit to reserve a seat in the workshop)

Registration Deadline: May 15, 2019