Nature Moments Video Series

Dear colleagues,

Since last fall, I have been producing a weekly series of Nature Moments, which are open-access 2-minute videos on the natural history of common northeastern animals and plants. Maine Audubon, Bowdoin College and The Natural History Institute have been posting a new one every Friday.

Although the filming has mainly been done in my backyard in Maine, most of the species can be found throughout the country, and the ecological concepts apply anywhere in the world.

My aim is to help reconnect people with nature, demonstrate that there is fascinating natural history to observe in one's own backyard, even in winter and mud season, and offer viewers an optimistic diversion from the drumbeat of discouraging environmental and political news.

If you think the series would be useful in teaching students and teachers about backyard ecology and natural history, please spread the word and encourage educators to make use of them, for free, in any way they wish.

Best wishes,



Nathaniel T. Wheelwright

Bass Professor of Natural Science

Dept. Biology, Bowdoin College

Brunswick, ME 04011

tel: 207-725-3583;

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