NCABR Free Science Ed. Resources for Virtual Learning & Online Teacher Professional Development

Dear NCABR K-12 STEM Education Community:


NCABR wanted to make sure you have access to our free online educational resources and activities that can be used during periods of distance learning with middle and high school students. We also wanted to make sure you are aware of Biotechnology Research and Careers, an online professional development course for educators in grades 6-12. This is an easy way to earn credits towards your licensure renewal from the comfort of your home, especially if you already are exploring the use of NCABR’s biotech short film, career videos and Mapping Your Future: Careers in Biomanufacturing curriculum as you transition to virtual instruction with your students. As you review these NCABR materials, plan your lessons and teach your students remotely, let us give you credit for these efforts. Details are below.

NCABR FREE Virtual Science Education Resources


Heal, Feed, Sustain: How Biotechnology Can Help Save the World

Biotech Short Film & Student Activities

(Run time: 23:37 minutes)


Accompanying Student Activities:

NCABR’s short film features three students who travel to biotech centers in North Carolina — BASF Plant Science, Novozymes and the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine — to get an up-close look at biotechnology. The film features a teacher guide with seven student activities, activity extensions, a curriculum connection matrix and additional background information about biotechnology. 



Bioscience Career Videos & Student Activities

(Run time: Approximately 5 minutes or less per video)

NCABR’s nine bioscience career videos are geared for middle and high school student use and come complete with accompanying teacher guides and student activities.


Career Video SET 1

Teacher guide/student activities:

Corresponding career profiles and videos:

  1. Process Development Scientist:
  2. Process Engineer:
  3. Process Technician:


Career Video SET 2

Teacher guide/student activities:

Corresponding career profiles and videos:

  1. Quality Assurance Associate:
  2. Quality Control Associate:
  3. Validation Specialist:


Career Video SET 3

Teacher guide/student activities:

Corresponding career profiles and videos:

  1. Animal Research Facility Manager:
  2. Laboratory Animal Technician:
  3. Veterinarian:


Biotechnology Research and Careers

Professional Development Online Course for Educators



The goal of the course is to increase awareness of biotechnology research, its applications and related career opportunities among middle and high school educators. It is based on NCABR's Mapping Your Future: Careers in Biomanufacturing curriculum manual.

View the North Carolina Essential Standards and Next Generation Science Standards for the curriculum manual and the Teacher Evaluation Matrix for the course.


The course is self-paced and incorporates a variety of modalities, including online learning modules and curriculum review. Participants will earn 10 contact hours (1 CEU) upon completion of the basic, required assignments and 10 additional contact hours (1 additional CEU) if the optional classroom implementation assignment for 3 of the course’s 5 units is completed.


WHEN: This course is open at all times for registration. This is a self-paced course. Participants have up to six weeks from the date of registration to complete the course.

AUDIENCE: Pre-service and in-service science or CTE educators in grades 6–12

QUESTIONS: For questions, please contact Allender Lynch, at