New Teacher Workshop on Awe and Wonder!

Calling Educators Grades 4-7,
The Friday Institute and the NC State College of Education are currently seeking outstanding science educators to participate in an exciting new workshop. Designed for 4th-7th grade science teachers, this workshop will focus on how to incorporate awe and wonder into science curriculum and instruction both in person and online. 
Recent research on awe has shown there are significant relationships between having a sense of awe and a range of other outcomes, including: an increased sense of comfort with uncertainty, an increased motivation to learn, an enhanced memory, a greater sense of curiosity, increased causal-explanatory reasoning, and enhanced science reasoning. Perhaps most promising for teaching and learning science is the finding that awe evokes interest, curiosity, and a desire to understand the unknown.
Educators will join other teachers, professors, and informal educators in exploring wonder and awe in science at this intimate, focused, and highly interactive event. In addition, educators will have the opportunity to participate in a special research study that will help inform the design of new forms of science instruction and experiences that will motivate student interest in science. Each participant will receive a $125 stipend to cover the expenses related to participating in the workshop and research study. CEU credits are also available to participating teachers.
The workshop will be held on Wednesday, May 6th from 1:30-4:30pm on Zoom virtual conferencing. Register Now! 


Kathryn Rende
Graduate Research Assistant
NC State College of Education
The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
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