Sign your class up for 'Water Education Pen Pals' - Deadline August 31

Dear Amazing Educators:


Interested in a unique approach to learning and teaching about watersheds and water resources?  Wondering how to teach about science through English/Language Arts?  I'm currently taking applications for the latest Water Education Pen Pal Fall 2020 Cohort! 


This program is open to K-12 classrooms.  Feel free to forward this to any educators in your life.  Deadline to apply is August 31. 


Program Overview:

--Your class will be paired with another class, probably in a different region or even state.

--I will share with you some templates and sentence starters to offer your students to guide their letter writing.

--You will ensure the letters are either typed or hand written and sent off to the partnering class.  

--Classes will be paired based on: Class size, grade level, and desired form of correspondence (email or hand-written mailed letter).

--Your students will get to receive letters from their peers and learn about similarities and differences in various ecosystems. 

--Topics include (you will select): Watersheds, water quality, streams/rivers, oceans, ecosystems


We've had a lot of fun with this in the past.  When you are ready to apply, you'll need to have your class roster/email addresses available.  It's also a good idea to run this past your principal, too.  


Deadline to apply is August 31.  You will receive your paired class by mid-September.

Click Here to Apply for Water Education Pen Pals Fall 2020 Cohort


Thanks for your interest,

Lauren Daniel

Project Wet State Coordinator

NC Division of Water Resources