Society for Science & the Public Advocate Grant Program

Society for Science & the Public Advocate Grant Program

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Society for Science & the Public's Advocate Grant Program provides a stipend to an individual (teacher, counselor, mentor), who agrees to serve as an advocate for 3-5 underrepresented students to transition them from conducting a scientific or engineering research project to completing applications to scientific competition(s).  Application Deadline: March 4, 2020.

Advocates support the students in:

  • Finding potential research competitions
  • Being aware of deadlines
  • Navigating the overall science competition process
  • Gathering information about competition rules and application processes

Advocates receive a stipend of $3,000, opportunities to meet and interact with their cohort both in-person and throughout the program duration, and ongoing training and support from the Society.

Why should students participate in scientific competition?

  • Learn the true nature of science and experience the thrill of discovery
  • Gain additional skills such as learning how to write a scientific journal article and how to present their work to peers, scientists and the public
  • Inspire confidence in their scientific abilities
  • Lead them to consider a STEM career
  • Provide monetary awards for post-secondary education
  • Boost a student's chance of acceptance into the college or university of their choice