Mike Dunn

Dr. Christine Anne Royce

Mike Dunn owes his love of nature to his father, who took him fishing, hunting, and camping when he was growing up. While attending college at Virginia Tech, he studied aquatic ecology, and then pursued a graduate degree in environmental sciences at the University of Virginia. He started his career with the NC State Parks System, where he spent 8 years as a naturalist/educator. He moved to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and had 24 wonderful years of teaching others about the incredible natural diversity of North Carolina. He was also fortunate to have the opportunity to explore and help others experience the natural world in many outstanding areas beyond our state’s borders, from Belize to the Arctic, and in his favorite destination, Yellowstone. He is now an educator with the North Carolina Botanical Garden (NCBG) in Chapel Hill, where he enjoys connecting people with nature in a beautiful setting.

On his own time, he is outside as much as possible, observing and learning about the natural world. Through photography, writing, and guided trips, he hopes to share his love of nature with others and inspire people to conserve the beauty and diversity of this planet we call home. Join him in this journey and see what lies just beyond the end of the road.