Adrienne Evans

District 3 Director


Nominee: Adrienne Evans

Biographical Information on Nominee

Adrienne Evans is a veteran professional, with twenty-four years of experience. An active voice for inquiry-based science education, she is an advocate for instructional practices that prepare students to meet the challenges they will face in an ever-increasing global society.   Her science instruction is built on the premise that students should be allowed opportunities to become active participants in their own learning.  Using a variety of instructional strategies, Adrienne assists the students in her science classes to develop a strong foundation in basic science concepts and helps them develop the essential skills necessary to successfully engage in scientific methods.  Her mentoring empowers her students to think critically, ask questions, seek evidence, and problem solve.  In short, her instructional style encourages her students to engage in scientific activities and to become responsible for their own learning.

Adrienne is known for her instructional innovations, collaborative nature, and willingness to assist other educators.  She often helps science teachers identify and acquire resources, as well as develop inquiry, student-centered instructional ideas.  She frequently engages in professional development initiatives, including presentations at the North Carolina Science Teachers Association Professional Development Institutes. Additionally, Adrienne has strongly embraced instructional technology and has designed and implemented numerous cutting-edge science-centered lessons. She has presented several of her technology-based lessons at Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education events.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Science Education and is certified to teach Advanced Placement physic and Advanced Placement environmental science. She is a very active member of the North Carolina Science Teachers Association, lives in Cary, North Carolina, and currently teaches at the Columbus Career and College Academy.


Mission Statement

Science teachers today face many challenges. They are under much greater time constrains, expected to do much more than they have in the past. Science teachers experience minimal funding and support, and face instructional issues never previously expected. As district director, I would like to enhance communication and do more to empower teachers by bringing more attention to the work they do.  I will seek sponsorship for professional development programs including NCSTA conferences.  I believe that building a stronger state organization will give science teachers more leverage to fight for their students and science education.