Adrienne Evans

Columbus Career & College Academy
Columbus County

Adrienne Evans is a veteran professional with twenty-five years of experience and has been an supporter/member of NCSTA since 1996.  An active voice for inquiry-based science education, she is an advocate for instructional practices that prepare students to meet the challenges they will face in an ever-increasing global society.   Her science instruction is built on the premise that students should be allowed opportunities to become active participants in their own learning.  Her mentoring empowers her students to think critically, ask questions, seek evidence, and solve problems.

Adrienne is known for her science modeling instructional innovations, collaborative nature, and willingness to share everything she has with other educators.  She was recently recognized as Teacher of the Year and assisted in the design of Digital Learning modules for all Columbus County educators.

She is an annual presenter for NCSTA, Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education, various local science initiatives, and Beginning Teacher summits across the Eastern half of the state.   She is also a twice published author in the peer-reviewed VWBPE magazine.

Adrienne holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Science Education and is certified to teach Advanced Placement Physics, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, and Advanced Placement Computer Science. She is a very active member/presenter/advocate of the North Carolina Science Teachers Association, currently resides in Whiteville and teaches at CCCA in Columbus County.


Mission Statement

Science teachers today face many challenges. They are under much greater time constrains, have minimal funding, and are expected to do much more than they have in the past. As district director, I would like to enhance communication and do more to empower teachers by bringing more attention to the work they do.  I will seek sponsorship for professional development programs including NCSTA conference scholarships, STEM initiatives, and an online database for our science professionals.  I feel that building a stronger state organization will give teachers more leverage to fight for their students and for science education.  I believe that my determination to hit the ground running, visit schools, reach out to fellow science teachers, and make connections for ongoing communication will be the key to unifying our district and supporting our science teachers.