Brad Woodard

Farmville Central High School


Mission Statement

My professional experiences have provided a unique understanding of the needs of North Carolina’s students and classroom teachers.  All our learners deserve effective, well prepared, innovative science teachers and access to quality resources.  Similarly, our dedicated K-12 educators need assistance in securing appropriate and contemporary instructional materials, engaging in effective professional development, accessing accurate scientific information, and participating in on-going educational collaborations. My involvement with NCSTA, both on the Board and as a member, has shown me that this organization provides outstanding outreach services to North Carolina’s “science education family”.  All NCSTA activities are focused on meeting the clinical and professional development needs of North Carolina’s science educators and promoting quality classroom experiences for our children.   I am eager to resume an executive leadership role with NCSTA so that I can continue to be more proactive in serving the children and science teachers in the state.  Having held the position of Secretary and District I Director, I am very familiar with concerns of our teachers and learners.  The role of NCSTA History and Records Chair has provided me insight into the organization, policies, and goals of the association. This combined knowledge and understanding will enable me to continue as an advocate for students and teachers as NCSTA develops initiatives to meet its goals. In the role of secretary, I will be attentive to detail; accurately record, share, and archive the organization’s activities; and promote sound science education.