NCSTA Distinguished Service in Science Education Award 2000 to Present

Year Award Awardee
2000 Elementary Tonya Hancock
  High Marcia Allen & Bobbie Hinson
  University/College Jose D'Arruda
  Admin/Supervisor Peggy Sue Nations
  Non-School Setting Michael Dunn
  Commercial Joan Heuel
2001 Middle/Junior High Nancy Bray
  High  Lennie Hughes & Fanette Hines-Entzminger
  University/College Sharon Nichols
  Admin/Supervisor Brenda Evans
  Non-School Setting Anne Palmer
  Commercial Bill England
2002 Middle/Junior High Janet Pearce Bailey
  High Sarah Smith
  University/College Dr. Phillip Dail
  Admin/Supervisor Clara Stallings
  Non-School Setting Bill Palmer
  Commercial Frank Wypasek
2003 High Judith Jones
  University/College Dr. Steven Dyche & Dr. Jack Hall
  Admin/Supervisor Karen Shafer
  Non-School Setting Fran Nolan
  Commercial Fred Beyer
2004 Elementary Tammy Lee
  High Anita Sturgies
  University/College Dr. Linda James
  Admin/Supervisor Robert Maxey
  Non-School Setting Mark McAllister
  Commercial Tim Thompson
2005 Elementary Jayson Duncan
  Middle Lynne Tesh Gronback
  High Susan M. Purser
  University/College Joyce Hilliard-Clark & Karen Dawkins
  Admin/Supervisor William J. Kawczynski
  Non-School Setting John A. White
2006 Elementary Cynthia Adams
  Middle Kyle Carver
  High Debbie Michael
  University/College Jake Brown
  Admin/Supervisor Stan Hill
  Non-School Setting Steve Bennett
  Commercial Amy Kezman
2007 Elementary Cathy Horne
  Middle Jacqueline Teeters
  High Marie Swan
  University/College Barbara Leonard
  Non-School Setting Renee Strnad
  Commercial Alex Headen
2008 Elementary Patricia Bricker
  Middle Donna Cash
  High Ann McClung
  University/College Stan Riggs
  Non-School Setting Michelle Benigno
  Commercial Curtis Ormond
2009 Elementary Kim Alix
  Middle Teresa Cowan
  High Carrie Jones
  University/College Harriett Stubbs - Kenan Fellow Program
  Admin/Supervisor Janet Scott
  Commercial Laurie Merlo
2010 Elementary Briana Pelton
  Middle Peter Schwartz
  High Elizabeth Rouse
  Admin/Supervisor Michael Tally
  University/College Catherine E. Matthews
  Non-School Setting Julie Vidotto
2011 Elementary Bitsy Gregory
  High Robert Kirby
  Admin/Supervisor Kathryn Glasheen
  University/College John C. Park
  Commerical Burroughs Wellcome Fund
  Non-School Setting Jonathan Marchal
2012 High Angela C. Gard
  Admin/Supervisor Dr. Steve Warshaw
  University/College Dr. Lisa Grable
2013 Elementary Carla Billups
  Middle Cynthia Bullard
  High Letisha C. Kirby
  Admin/Supervisor Kay McLeod
  University/College Dr. Judith R. McDonald
  Non-School Setting Randy Bechtel
2014 Elementary Darlene Petranick
  High Dr. Christine Muth
  Admin/Supervisor Scott Grumelot
  University/College Dr. Laura Bottomley
  Commercial Danny Thorpe & Robert Hawley
  Non-School Setting Dr. Teresa Cowan
  Distinguished Service Carr Thompson
2015 Elementary Cynthia L. Dey
  Middle/Junior High Iris Mudd
  High Vicky Newberry
  College/University Carolyn Maidon
2016 Elementary Dee Chinault
  Middle David Johnson
  High Grady Coleman
  University/College Dr. Gail Jones
  Admin/Supervisor Michelle Chadwick
  Commercial Kate Norton
  Non-School Setting Kim Gervase
2017 Elementary Amy Sparks
  Middle Amanda Clapp
  High Karen Gammon
  University/College Tammy Lee
  Admin/Supervisor Nancy Addison
  Commercial Ryan Dougherty
  Non-School Setting Pat Curley
2018 Elementary Amethyst Klein
  Middle Maggie McKinley
  High Sam Wheeler
  University/College L. Michael Larsen
  Admin/Supervisor Melanie Shaver
  Non-School Setting David G. Brown
2019 Elementary Ted Miracle
  Middle Elizabeth Stabenow
  High Patricia Velasco
  University/College Kelly Ficklin
  Admin/Supervisor Jeffrey Edwards
  Commercial Laurie Merlo
  Non-School Setting Jameson McDermott
2020 Elementary Kerrie Lallie
Betty Jo Moore
Leigh Apple
  Admin/Supervisor Cliff Hudson
  Commercial Atiya Merchant
  Non-School Setting
Eliza Russell
2021 Elementary Brad Rhew
  Middle Melaine Rickard
  High Timothy Guilfoyle
  Admin/Supervisor Howard Ginsberg
  Commercial Jack Deyton
  Non-School Setting Tanya Poole 
2022 Elementary Reba Johnson
  University/College Michael Lowder
  Admin/Supervisor Jennifer Redfearn
  Non-School Setting Dana Haine
  Support of Outreach Science Education NASA, NC Space Grant