Reception Coordinator

  • Coordinate with the Past President and Conference Coordinator to determine time and place of the reception.
  • Coordinate schedule with the Awards Ceremony.
  • Coordinate with the Past President to determine if any other events will take place at the reception, such as door prizes, raffle, guest speaker.  If so, determine schedule of these events during the reception time allotment and communicate schedule to associated       chairpersons.
  • Provide schedule information for the on-site program to that conference coordinator.
  • Check with the Conference Publicity Chair regarding photography.
  • Using menus from past receptions, make menu selections for the reception.  Ask            conference coordinator for current menu items and pricing from the venue.  Find out the budget for the food from the business manager and do not exceed budget.  Keep in mind that taxes and service charges will be added to the food prices.  Forward the menu to the conference coordinator.  You will not need to contact the venue for any of this:       conference coordinator will be in charge of placing the menu order.
  • Be sure to stay for the entire ceremony.  Count the number of attendees.  Take notes on the food:  what was popular, where were there a lot of leftovers.  Prepare a report to be  used in subsequent years for menu planning.  (Easy to take pictures with your phone).