Spin a Wheel

  • Coordinate with Conference Coordinators to find out what door prizes have been promised before the conference.
  • Vendors will bring door prizes to the conference and deliver to the registration desk.  Find out what these door prizes are and update the wheel with these prizes.  At this time, we do not have the wheel:  we will know more later regarding how to update the wheel.
  • In the past, we drew attendees into the exhibit area for the spin.  One purpose for using the exhibit area was to draw people to our vendors.  Keep that in mind as you plan.
  • Along with the Past President, determine how many times, when and where we will have 'spins'.
  • Determine how attendees will be selected for spinning the wheel.  In the past, we have given out tickets and drew tickets for winners to spin the wheel.
  • Emcee the Spin a Wheel process or select someone else to do it.