PDI Mini-Grant

May Your Wish Be Granted


Please Return to this page later for updated 2020 information.


Submit your wish list for the chance to receive up to $250 worth of classroom materials.  Our goal is to grant a wish to one teacher from each of our 8 districts.  Teacher must attend the PDI.  In order to be selected, attendee must be pre-registered and paid.  Wishes will be granted during our Thursday evening ceremonies.


All wishes will be considered.  Selection will be based on:

  • Feasibility – how likely will grant materials be used
  • Sustainability – will materials be used more than once
  • Value – how does grant request align to current science standards
  • Number of students affected


We encourage you to consider the goods and services of our participating vendors when making your wish.   This vendor list will be updated frequently as new exhibitors register for our PDI. 

In order to be selected to receive a grant, you must apply by October 11, 2019 and your PDI registration MUST BE PAID by October 18, 2019.  No exceptions. A registration is not considered paid until we receive a check or credit card payment:  if your school is using a PO, the PO must be paid by the October 18, 2019 payment deadline.



Deadline for submission is Oct. 11, 2019.

Deadline for payment is Oct. 18, 2019.


Forms for listing your wish items:

Grant PDF Form  (Print and fill out)

Grant PDI Fillable Form