Board of Directors


Executive Committee

  President  Sandra Weitzel
  President-Elect  MaryKate Holden
  Secretary  Brad Woodard
  Treasurer  Mary Ellen Durham
  Past President  Carol Maidon

District Directors

  District 1   Cliff Hudson
  District 2   Michelle Chadwick
  District 3   Kristana Rogers
  District 4   Adrienne Evans
  District 5   Brad Rhew
  District 6   Tim Guilfoyle
  District 7   Lindsay Smith
  District 8   Tom Savage


Standing Committees

  Membership   Mike Tally
  Goals   Manley Midgett
  Finance    Mary Ellen Durham
  Nominations/Elections   Amanda Clapp
  Communications   Brian Whitson
  Publications   Allie Dinwiddie
  Conference   Carol Maidon
  Constitution & By-Laws   Ann McClung


  Ad-Hoc Committees

  Awards   Alisa Wickliff
  Curriculum & Study Grants   Carrie Jones
  PDI Sponsorships   Manley Midgett
  Preservice Teachers & Univ. Liaison   Laura Lowder
  Trust Fund   Manley Midgett
  History & Records   Brad Woodard
  NSTA Liaison   Carrie Jones
  NCSLA Liaison   Ann McClung
  DPI Liaison   Gavin Fradel
  Non-Public Schools   Kim Alix
  Nontraditional/Nonformal Education   Lisa Tolley
  Legislative   Ralston James
  Student Competitions   Tammi Remsburg
  Science Matters Liaison   Carolyn Elliott
  Diversity and Equity   Tomika Altman
  Communications   Brian Whitson
  Business Manager   Joette Midgett
  Conference Coordinators   Manley Midgett & Joette Midgett