NCSTA Study Grant

Online Study Grant Application Form

All members of NCSTA who are taking study classes, attending conferences, or participating in workshops are eligible for one study grant. NCSTA will pay up to one half of your expenses, not to exceed the amount approved by the NCSTA board each year if your application is selected by the Study Grants Committee. Graduate courses for the purpose of obtaining a degree are not acceptable. To apply, complete and submit the online application. Grant applications are considered and awarded four times a year. To receive approval of the grant request it must be submitted before your scheduled study. If approved, a nontransferable check will be made only to the grant winner(s) upon receipt of items listed in the agreement. NCSTA will pay only 1/2 of the expenses at varying amounts. If awarded this grant you must agree to present at the annual conference and write about the study for The Journal or The Science Reflector.

To apply, complete the Online Application Form which includes a summary of your proposal including information concerning the individuals involved and anticipated benefits to classroom instruction. The deadlines for submitting your request are March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15.

Study Grant Committee Chairperson

Stephanie Grady

 NCSTA Innovative Curriculum Support Grant

Online ICSG Grant Application Form

NCSTA members may apply for funds for supplies, materials, equipment, printing, travel and other expenses related to an innovative curriculum project involving students in a unique way. These funds are not intended for student travel such as field trips or for the personal gain of the Project Director. A committee will select recipients based on: innovativeness, establishment of need, realistic plan of action, ability to replicate, and the number of persons benefited. If awarded the grant, you must submit a two-page summary of the project and an article in The Reflector and a presentation at the PDI conference. Must be a NCSTA member for one year or more and have not received this grant within the past three years. Grants up to $1,000 will be rewarded. Grants reviewed twice a year. Allow 4-6 weeks for grant decisions. 

Spring Deadline March 1 and Fall Deadline September 1

To apply, complete the online ICSG application form by the deadline, September 1 (Fall Deadline) or March 1  (Spring Deadline).

Innovative Curriculum Grant Committee Chairperson

Lori Khan