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North Carolina Science Listserv Information
Earth Science Listserv Randy Bechtel -
Soil Science Send email to
NC Environmental Education
NC Sci-Teach Beth Harris -
Science Updates from DPI Marilyn Johns -
Physics Education

NC American Chemical Society
NC Choices

List Serves:

Science Supervisors/High School Teachers List Serve: This list serve is designed to communicate with Central Office Science Curriculum Supervisors and high school teachers. It is used to send DPI announcements including policy updates, professional development opportunities, and other announcements. To join, email your name, LEA, job title/subjects taught, phone number to Marilyn Johns

NCSciTeach - for all science teachers in North Carolina. To join the list, simply send an email to You will receive a "Join request" email, and a simple response to that email will have you in the group! Once subscribed, postings can be sent to NCSciTeach@lists.ncsu.eduTo send to the list just email

NC-EE - sponsored by the NC Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs, this moderated list receives 4-5 messages per day and is for environmental educators of all sorts. There is also a digest version. To join, visit this link : To send to the list email