NCSTA Diversity and Equity Statement


The NC Science Teachers Association (NCSTA) was formed in 1969 with the mission of promoting excellence in science teaching and learning in North Carolina.  The purpose of NCSTA shall be the advancement, stimulation, extension, improvement, and coordination of science teaching in all fields of science at all educational levels. We believe that science instruction should be provided and accessible to all students, as well as professional development opportunities for those that provide such instruction.
As science educators, we recognize the uniqueness of each student’s background and the contributions he or she brings to the science world. As an organization we are charged with fostering quality science education for all students regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, religion, and gender expression. 
In order for equitable science to be attainable for all, we believe the following must be accomplished:
  • Schools and informal science settings provide quality instruction and/or programming for all students.
  • Science educators are knowledgeable about and use culturally relevant teaching pedagogy and instructional strategies.
  • Lessons should be designed or curriculum should be selected that positively, accurately, and equitably portrays individuals.
  • Science educators should be reflective and cognizant of their own biases and learn how to combat such bias.
  • Science educators should create inclusive learning environments that allow all students to participate in science, encouraged to take risks and know that their opinions and voices matter.
  • Science educators should highlight the successes of those in the science world, especially individuals from the LGTBQ+ community and all underrepresented groups such as women and minorities.
As an organization we will help with these instructional strategies and professional characteristics by providing quality professional development.