2023 PDI Strands

Putting It All Together and Moving Beyond – New Standards, New Ideas, New Directions



Tools and Ideas for Embracing, Navigating and Implementing the New Standards

Breaking down and analyzing the standards.  What do they mean for science teachers?  Planning   how to implement the standards.  Examining the standards at various grade levels/spans.   


Creative and Innovative Strategies for Elevating Teaching, Learning, Engagement and Relevance through Inquiry-Based Approaches

Empowering the learner and teacher to analyze data, communicate effectively, and determine  supportable conclusions. Enhancing STEM lessons by fostering critical thinking skills through  inquiry, case studies, and authentic data.


STEM Lessons and Ideas to Address Contemporary Current Events and Emerging Science Topics

Teachers are charged with preparing students for the future with the skills they need to apply and analyze hot button topics in the news: climate change, alternate energy sources, infectious disease, flooding, food sources, land usage, etc.They must also address emerging science such as coding, robotics, gaming, AI, and chaos theory.