Friday Workshop

Tools to Support Diverse Learners

and Early Career Educators


Schools are struggling to find qualified science teachers.  Many are hiring lateral-entry teachers and long-term substitutes who may know science but have very little teaching experience.  This year, we are planning a workshop at the PDI (Professional Development Institute) to address the needs of these replacement teachers.  The course will be offered as a workshop at the conference and will include the topics shown below.  Please register for this professional development opportunity to better support student learning.  The workshop will be provided on the second day of the conference (PDI).

On day one of the PDI, registrants can take advantage of many resources and strategies to enhance their teaching;  concurrent sessions are offered throughout the day along with exhibits and a keynote speaker.  On day two, the ‘mini-course’ is offered highlighting the following topics:


How to Teach Effective Science Inquiry Lessons

Classroom Management Tips for the Science Classroom and Lab

Dos and Don’ts of Science Demonstrations

Measuring Understanding of Science Concepts

Practicing Safe Science

Planning to Meet the New Science Standards

5E+ Science Lesson Cycles

Tech Tools for Science Educators



Full PDI registration is required in order to attend the Friday Workshop.  When registering for the PDI, you must click on four selection boxes:  1. Membership; 2.  Upcoming Events; 3.  Register; and 4.  Workshop(s) -  click on 'Teaching Skills Workshop' in the Workshop(s) selection box.   If you decide to attend the Friday Workshop, the workshop fee is $45 in addition to your PDI registration fee.