Free Ranger-led Virtual programs from the Smokies

 We have more offerings, but here are a few highlights. We hope you will sign up for one of our free Ranger-led virtual field trips. 
3rd and 4th Grade
Travel to the Smokies, and all the way to Hawaii through our virtual field trip, The Forces that Move the Earth, a free program led by Smokies park rangers.  This program covers Tennessee 4th grade standard 4.ESS1, North Carolina's 3rd and 4th grade standards 3.E.2 and 4.E.2, looking at the formation of the Smoky mountains and other famous National Park landforms across the country.  The program is interactive, and creates engagement through movement, art and science. 
Middle/High school
What's in your water?  Do your students know that all our water is connected or where their tap water comes from?  The waters of the park flow into the drinking water sources of hundreds of communities downstream from the park.  Join us on a virtual field trip, led by smokies park ranger, to form a hypothesis about the health of streams.  Students will work together to identify bioindicators to help support or disprove their hypothesis.  This program covers Tennessee's 6th grade standards 6.LS2, 6.LS4 and high school standards GEO.ESS2, North Carolina's 8th grade standards 8.E.1, 8.L.3, and High School EEn.2.4.
Programs can be adapted to meet your classroom needs. 
To schedule a free virtual field trip, please email
Susan Sachs
Education Branch Coordinator
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
1194 Newfound Gap Rd. 
Cherokee, NC 28719
office phone: 828-497-1932 
work cell phone: 865-206-2714