UCAR Recruiting high school teachers to field test new Clouds, Weather, and Climate Teaching Box (Fall 2021)


The UCAR Center for Science Education is recruiting high school science teachers to field test and provide feedback about the Clouds, Weather, and Climate Teaching Box - a new, week-long curriculum designed to build student understanding of the relationships between weather fronts, clouds, and climate. 


In this curriculum, students will learn how different types of clouds form where warm and cold air meet in mid-latitude cyclones and how these storms and clouds will likely change as our climate warms. Students will also learn that changes in clouds due to climate warming may cause even more changes in climate, which is an area of active research.


Throughout the week of instruction, students identify clouds, analyze cloud data, create cross-section graphics of the atmosphere, interpret data visualizations and graphics, complete a claims-evidence-reasoning activity, and create a graphic organizer to summarize their learning.

The Teaching Box is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and Virginia Science Standards. To review the curriculum, visit the Clouds, Weather, and Climate Teaching Box.

If you are a high school science teacher who will be instructing at least one section of a class that includes weather and climate topics during the fall semester and would like to participate, please submit a Google Form application by June 11, 2021

We will begin reviewing applications the following week and continue until the five slots are filled. We aim to have a cohort of field test teachers from various U.S. locations and school settings. All teachers in the cohort will need classroom access to the Internet and will need to attend a virtual PD training early in the fall of 2021. UCAR Center for Science Education will provide each field test teacher with a $200 stipend after curriculum implementation and receipt of evaluation materials. If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact Lisa S. Gardiner.


Emily Snode-Brenneman (she/her/hers)

Program Specialist

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research