Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Do I have to join NCSTA to attend the conference? 

A:  No.  You may register as a non-member or as a member.  The registration fee for NCSTA members is lower than for non-members.


Q:  Do I have to pay the registration fee if I am a presenter?

A:  Yes.  All presenters must be NCSTA members and must register (and pay) for the conference.  This year there is no discount for presenter registration.


Q:  Can I pay by credit card?

A:  Yes.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Your credit card transactions are secure.  You may also pay by check.


Q:  Do I have to sign up for sessions before the conference

A:  No sign up is necessary.  Select the sessions you want to attend when you get to the conference.


Q:  I can only attend one day.  Is there a one day registration fee?

A:  No.


Q:  My school is paying for me to attend and will pay by check.  What is the correct procedure for registering?

A:  Register online for the conference or Workshop and select 'Pay by Check' as your payment option.  You will be able to print invoice information after you submit your payment information.  Give this printout to your school for them to issue a check to NCSTA.  The mailing address is on the printout.


Q:  Do you accept Purchase Orders?

A:  Please request that your school submit a check request instead of a Purchase Order.


Q:  I need to register a group of teachers.  How do I do that?

A:  After you click on the Register button, you will be prompted for an email address.  Enter the email address for the first teacher.  You will need to enter information on the next screen for the teacher.  At the bottom of the screen click the 'Save & Add another Registrant' buttom.  Proceed with all the teachers in your group.  When you have finished, click 'Save & Confirm Order'.  The next screen is for the payor.  If you are paying by credit card, be sure to enter the card holder information.


Q:  My school is paying for my registration but the check will not be ready for NCSTA by the conference date.

A:  You will need to bring a signed payment agreement to the conference.  If you have registered and we have not received payment by Monday before the conference, you will receive notification by email with a link to a form that you will need to have completed and signed.  If you bring the form to the conference, you will be allowed to pick up registration materials and attend the conference.  Without the form, you will need to pay at the conference with a check or credit card.


Q:  Will I receive CEU credits for attending the conference?  Is there a form to fill out for CEU credit?

A:  Yes, you will receive 1.2 CEU credit for conference attendance.  There will be a form in the program for you to fill out and submit to your LEA.