Grant A Wish

The Grant a Wish is a mini grant for teachers.  Teachers submit a wish list and a number of the lists are selected and granted.

  • Coordinate with the Past President regarding the number of grants that will be given, how they should be chosen and the budgeted amount for each of them.
  • Ask Joette for forms, rubrics, timelines, etc from previous year.
  • Create email text and forward to Joette to advertise to people registered for the PDI.  Determine when these emails should go out.  Include all details regarding deadlines, grant amount, types of items.  We encourage teachers to shop from catalogs from PDI vendors.  We require that the winner is registered and paid for the PDI before they can be selected.
  • Create a committee to select winners.  Select winners. Refer to list of prior winners.  
  • Decide whether items will be distributed at the conference or mailed to recipients and follow through accordingly.
  • Purchase items.  Coordinate with the Business Manager for best method for purchasing and for reimbursement for purchases.
  • Coordinate with the planning committees for announcement of the winners at the PDI; usually done as part of the awards ceremony.